The Willow Glen Trestle Conservancy and the San José Parks Foundation applied for a grant from Santa Clara County’s Historic Grant Program on August 27, 2019.

It is a competitive grant program, and we hope to hear by December whether we will be funded.


applicant:          San José Parks Foundation for Willow Glen Trestle

title:                  Researching and Documenting the History of the Willow Glen Trestle


100 word description:

We will research and document the history of the historic Willow Glen Trestle: the roughly 100 year history of the trestle itself, the 35-year history of the community’s efforts to save the trestle and incorporate it into the regional trail network, and the six-year efforts of the City of San José to replace the trestle with a catalog-order prefab steel bridge.  The results would be publicized, and the final document would be donated to a local historic archives.  



·         narrative

·         maps

·         photos

·         budget

·         timeline

·         Subject Matter Expert (SME) Letters:

·         Marilyn Messina

·         Marvin & Bonnie Bamburg

·         Steve Cohen

·         Community Support Letters:

·         Barbara Marshman

·         Beth Wyman

·         Cathy Kilkenny

·         David Dearborn

·         Diane Solomon

·         Feather River Rail Society (FRRS)

·         Janet Burdick

·         Jeffrey Smitten

·         Jim Carter

·         Jim Stallman

·         Kaia Eakin

·         Laura Howard

·         Martha Heinrichs

·         Martin Delson

·         Nancy Kops

·         Pete Kolstad

·         Rod Diridon

·         Roger Evans

·         Tony Misch

·         Tony Rossetti

·         Whitney Heinrichs



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